Embossed Visiting Card

In today's world, everyone wants to highlight his material to catch others eye. Embossed effect helps in achieving the target. Visiting cards with embossed effect highlights each and every letters and logo printed on it and thus play an impactful act on the mind of the observer. These cards are preferred by the people who always wants to emphasize on important things.

Today's environmental needs have awakened us for the extreme requirement of recycling in our essential activities. So, we have introduced making of visiting cards with recycled paper. This paper is used with gold embossed finish to highlight the cards. These cards are highly appreciated by all our customers. Looks are not at all compromised while emphasizing all other aspects to give a great finish to the product. We have huge range of recycle paper at Hyderabad.

Gold Embossed Visiting Card

Gold embossed visiting card are in the trends. Here all the printing material is highlighted in golden foil to make the impact more rich. The name and logo are more prominent and attention seeking with gold looks. These cards play efficiently with the observers mind. We are located at Hyderabad.

Silver Embossed Visiting Card

Silver is the colour of shine, we use real silver foil wherever we want the things to look bright and sterling. These cards are preferred for a subtle as well as emphasized looks. The words here are embossed with silver colour to make a cool status effect. These cards are very popular among people. We made for mercedes Hyderabad.

Thick Gold Foiled Embossed Visiting Card

These are the latest style of cards which are gaining popularity among VIP, Celebrities. These cards provide a very attractive finish to the visiting card by emphasizing the words with golden foil kind of effect. Words are highlighted by embossing with golden colour. These cards are very attractive and impactful. We have samples at our store at Hyderabad.

Thick Silver Foil Embossed Visiting Card

These cards are preferred by CEO, Managing Director and Founders. These cards have highlighted words shining in silver colour. Real Silver colour makes the cards look energetic and creative. These cards are preferred to make a presentable look and flow of positive energy in mind of the observer. You can find at our studio at Hyderabad.

Thick Velvet Finish UV Embossed Visiting Card

These cards are designed for the person who likes soft and impressive objects at one place. These cards are embossed with velvet finish to create a wonderful feeling. Here words are highlighted in smooth and shiny velvet effect. These are quite special cards for specialized person who wants differentiated cards for themselves. You can walk in at our store at Hyderabad.

Black Unique Visiting Card

Black base cards came into trends a few years back, when people got bored with same white base visiting cards. The thik black paper is fully highlighted with golden embossed effect. These cards are quite impressive and delightful to make a blast in the minds. We have more than 500 options at Hyderabad.

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