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Why purchase Corkadoodledoo


Billing and Payment

Care and Use of Corkadoodledoo products


Affiliate and Partner Programs

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Image Resolution

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At Corkadoodledoo we believe in giving you more than you expect!
There are probably a thousand answers that we could list in our FAQ.  Here are just a few...
Please contact us with any others you may have at [email protected]

 1. Why purchase Corkadoodledoo

We are really proud of what we have achieved, the quality and workmanship of our handmade mats is only appreciated by seeing them for real. We produce everything locally here in Newcastle. There are lots of companies offering similar products online but we have not seen any of the quality we are producing, Great product + great service + great value = Corkadoodledoo.  We think you will agree!


2. Shipping

2.1.   Could we point you to our separate Shipping page with many questions about shipping?


3. Billing and Payment

3.1.   When will my credit card be billed?   A.  Your charge will be posted when you place your order and receive an order confirmation.

3.2.   If I have a refund coming, when will I get it?   A.  Give us a couple business days at most to process your refund.  We will handle it with white gloves – we promise!

3.3.   How do I send a money order or cheque for my order?   A.  For money orders and cheques we will be happy to process your order as soon as your funds clear our bank.  Cheques and money orders can be sent to:


Attn:  New Orders

Unit 18c, Airport Industrial Estate, Kingston Park.

Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 2EF.


4. Care and Use of Corkadoodledoo place mats and coasters

4.1.   Do not immerse the mats or coasters in water,

4.2.   Our Mats and coasters are not dishwasher friendly.

4.3.   Mats and coasters should be cleaned after use using a warm wet cloth.


5. Ordering

5.1.   How do I use Coupon codes or Gift Cards?   A.  Shall be entered in the payment entry window during the checkout process.

5.2.   I am having problems placing my order.   A.  Contact us and we will relieve your burden!


6. Affiliate and Partner Programs

6.1.   Do you have an Affiliate sales program for selling Corkadoodledoo ?   A.  Yes.  We have a great Affiliate program which allows Bloggers and Partners to offer our Corkadoodledoo products online.   Please email our sales department at [email protected]and we will respond quickly.


7. Commercial accounts

7.1.   Do you sell to commercial accounts?  A.  Yes.  Please email our sales department at [email protected] with all your questions.  We promise a quick response.


8. Image Resolution

8.1.   Digital photos are made up of very small dots called pixels.  The more pixel dots there are, the more detail in a photo. The end result is a clearer and sharper picture.

When we print your photo, the pixel dots are spread across the surface of the print and are measured per inch.  A measurement of the density of the pixel dots is called "DPI" (dots per inch).

The higher the DPI, the sharper quality of the image print.

As a normal rule, the following DPI values are considered:

   300 DPI   =   This produces excellent clarity and sharpness

   120 DPI   =   This produces very good clarity and sharpness

     70 DPI   =   This produces acceptable results and is the minimum value we recommend.  70 DPI will exhibit slight fuzziness and jagged edges when viewed from a close distance. 

Most of our images today taken with typical cameras produce average pixel counts of 200 and above (very good!).  If you are not sure about the DPI of your image, take a look at the photo "properties" of the image itself.  The "properties" information will show you all the statistical information about your photo, including your DPI.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to answer quickly.


9. Image Format

9.1.   What file format does my photo need to be?   A.  Your photos need to be in JPEG (.jpg) or TIF (.tiff) format.