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Our Story

Not a lot of great things seem to happen anymore especially in local business, so when two north east companies (one a digital printer and the other a print finishing company) got their heads together in the comfort of our local pub one Friday afternoon discussing the wrongs and rights of the economic climate, suddenly a brainwave, well an idea!


Whilst picking beermats to bits Lee thought to himself you can print, we can finish why can't we do something together, and the dismantled beermat was the inspiration, lets do personalised coasters! Make them unique by adding your own images and wording, source all of the materials to make our own mats.


Well after months of making a mess we finally felt that we were onto a winner! Coasters had evolved into place mats and we went the whole hog and threw in a greetings card as part of a gift box.


Our kids loved them, getting our kids to the dinner table in the past was a nightmare but now with a dinosaur mat and a princess mat to entice them, its happy days all round!